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Epic Games Balance Recharge

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The Epic Games wallet offers an option for players to load money directly into their Epic Games account, allowing for quick and easy payments via the launcher or web store when logged in. Players have the option of adding funds to the wallet in pre-set denominations ($5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 USD equivalents).

The wallet balance can be used to purchase most products and services available in the store today. In addition to purchases, players can also request refunds directly to their wallet, even if the original payment was from a non-wallet source. Wallet balance and details can be viewed at any time via player account management settings. If the wallet has insufficient funds for a transaction, players can use a second payment method to cover the additional amount without needing to top-up their wallet balance.

The Epic Games wallet will have a maximum balance of $500 USD ($600 CAD) if the account is secured with 2-factor authentication (2FA). Accounts without 2FA activated will be limited to $150 USD ($200 CAD). Players can learn how to activate 2FA for their Epic Games account.

There are no set dates for expansion during this phased roll-out as we’ll be monitoring performance and logging player feedback to help improve the system over time. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information and be sure to check out the wallet Terms and Conditions for additional details.

What is the Epic Games wallet?
Your Epic Games wallet allows you to load money onto your account in the form of an account balance. You can use your wallet balance to purchase most products and services in the Epic Games Store.

Where can I find my wallet?
Your wallet can be found under account management settings. Additionally, you will be able to see your wallet at checkout.

How can I add funds to my wallet?
You can add funds to your wallet at the time of checkout or within your account management > payment methods panel.

How do I spend funds from my wallet?
You can use your wallet balance to purchase most products and services in the Epic Games Store. You’ll see your wallet as a payment method within the checkout flow of the Epic Games Store.

Are parental controls available for the Epic Games wallet?
Epic account parental controls also extend to the Epic Games wallet. Adding funds to the wallet using existing payment methods and the spending of wallet funds are subject to all existing parental controls, including the ability to require a parental PIN to authorize purchases with the wallet. Read more about parental controls for Epic accounts.

How much balance can my wallet hold?
You may purchase up to $500 USD if your account is secured with 2-factor authentication. If you do not have two-factor authentication, you may only hold up to $150 USD on your account.

What countries and currencies are supported for wallets?
USD and CAD will be the only supported currencies for this initial launch of the wallet. You can expect more countries and currencies will be supported in the future.

When will you add support for my country/currency?
We don’t have dates to share at this time, but we will announce new countries once they are confirmed. Stay tuned!

Can I purchase a currency that is different compared to my account country?
No, you can only purchase wallet funds that match your account’s supported currency.

Can I specify how much balance to add to my wallet?
No, not at this time. We currently only offer fixed denominations of balance.

I accidentally purchased a wallet balance. Can I get refunded for my purchases that added funds to my wallet?
You will not be able to self-refund in these cases. It will be necessary to contact Player Support in order to determine if a refund can be applied to your account.

Can I gift the balance to other players?
No, not at this time. If this changes, we’ll be sure to announce it.

Can I buy balance gift cards from retail stores?
No, not at this time. If this changes, we’ll be sure to announce it.

If I made a purchase using my wallet balance, can I request a refund?
Yes, if you’ve completed a purchase that uses wallet funds you can request a refund for eligible purchases. Please see our refund policy for more details.

If I make a purchase with a non-wallet payment method (using a credit card, for example), can I request a refund to my wallet?
Yes! If your purchase is eligible for a refund and was completed using the non-wallet payment method you now have the option to receive your refund as an account balance in your wallet rather than refunding to the original payment method. For more information, be sure to read the wallet terms and conditions.

If I move to a country which uses a different currency type, what will happen to my wallet funds? Can I transfer my balance between different accounts?
If moving to another country, it will be necessary to contact Player Support in order to migrate your account to your new country. As part of this process, you can work with our agents to determine what the best solution is.

Can I transfer my balance between different accounts?
No, the transfer of wallet funds between different accounts is not supported.

What payment methods can I use in order to purchase a wallet balance?
For this initial release, we support Credit Cards and Paypal when purchasing wallet funds for US and Canadian accounts.

Are there any restrictions on what I may purchase using my wallet funds?
Yes, there are restrictions on what can be purchased using wallet funds. For example, you cannot purchase a wallet balance with a balance. Please see our wallet terms and conditions for more information.

Can I use my wallet balance to make in-game purchases?
Yes, you will be able to use your wallet balance in participating game clients that have already integrated Epic Game Store purchase methods and checkout flows.

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    1. Fardin Rayhan Rifat (verified owner)

      Fast Delivery and great communication with support

    2. Abid_Al_Mahmud (verified owner)

      Very trusted website, just recharged 10$ on my epic games account from them, very reliable, you can purchase anything from them without any fear❤️

    3. H. B. (verified owner)

      Got 25$ in 1 hour.

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