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Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals


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The Genesis Crystals are a special currency for players to enhance their experience. These crystals are primarily used for purchasing in-game resources or to add more Primogems to your account. Genshin Impact is a story-driven game that consists of many playable characters for players to use. The game has an open-world setting that allows players to freely roam about, exploring the vast world of Teyvat. Build and train your characters to form a formidable team to go on raids and quests.

Primogems can be used for the following:

  1. Replenish Original Resin
  2. Purchase Acquaint Fate
  3. Purchase Intertwined Fate


The first time Genesis Crystals top-up offers are:

  1. Buy 300+30 Genesis Crystals, get 600 Genesis Crystals
  2. Buy 980+110 Genesis Crystals, get 1960 Genesis Crystals
  3. Buy 1980+260 Genesis Crystals, get 3960 Genesis Crystals
  4. Buy 3280+600 Genesis Crystals, get 6560 Genesis Crystals
  5. Buy 6480+1600 Genesis Crystals, get 12960 Genesis Crystals

NOTE: The First Time Purchase Bonus is not applicable to the UID that has completed in-app Purchase or top-up from other platforms before.

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    60 Genesis Crystals, 300+30 Genesis Crystals, 980+110 Genesis Crystals, 1980+260 Genesis Crystals, 3280+600 Genesis Crystals, 6480+1600 Genesis Crystals


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